Dr. Lauren Crosby Answers the Most Common Questions Around Colostrum

Frequently Asked Questions on Colostrum Explained

By Lauren Crosby MD, FAAP | Board-Certified Pediatrician


Watch or read below as Pediatrician, Dr. Lauren Crosby answers common questions on colostrum collection, safety, and uses.


Is colostrum safe?

As a natural substance, colostrum is completely safe. Colostrum has been studied extensively and has been demonstrated to be safe in adults and children as young as a year of age.


Can I give colostrum to my baby?

While the safety of colostrum has been demonstrated in children as young as a year of age, it is not recommended for children under the age of 12 months. If you have questions about using colostrum for your newborn, it is always best to consult with your pediatrician.


How is colostrum sourced?

Interestingly, cows produce far more colostrum than a newborn calf can consume. Once the calf has received all it needs, the excess can be collected for other uses rather than disposed of, as is typical in many dairy farms.


Is colostrum safe for lactose intolerant individuals?

Colostrum is a dairy product and should not be used by those with a dairy or milk allergy; however, colostrum typically contains less lactose than milk and it should not cause an issue for lactose intolerant individuals.


Has cow colostrum been scientifically researched?

There's extensive clinical research supporting the health benefits of cow colostrum. Today there are over 6000 studies illuminating the science of colostrum and its applications for human health.

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