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"For the uninitiated, colostrum is the incredibly nutrient-rich milk produced after birth... Take a couple of these just-unveiled capsules every day to support immunity and promote a healthy gut."

“The fact that colostrum is readily available to children and adults, not just newborns, is truly amazing. To a pediatrician like myself, colostrum is liquid gold. It really is a superfood. It provides essential nutrients for growth, as well as strengthens the immune and digestive systems, and overall health. It’s wonderful that it is now possible to receive those benefits throughout life, and I am proud to recommend Life’s First Naturals to my patients, both parent and child.”

- Dr. Lauren Crosby, MD, FAAP, Board-Certified Pediatrician

Where does our colostrum come from?

We are proud to exclusively use ColostrumOne®. Our colostrum is ethically collected from cows at Grade A dairies in the USA and is quality tested (a lot) and traceable from farm to tablet.


Gluten Free

Keto Friendly

First 24-Hour Milking

Grade A Dairies

Made in the USA

"I've been taking this product for 6 months now and feel great. I started as a way to boost my immune system.. but I feel so much healthier now."


"With two young children, sniffles and coughs are usually the norm in our house but our kids have been so healthy this summer. My husband and I both take the capsules and our kids take the powder."


"There is some amazing science behind this product. I'm hyper vigilant with my health so I've introduced this into my daily routine."