Colostrum in the News

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This Unexpected Supplement Can Improve Your Gut Health, Says Dietitian

Registered Dietician, Mia Syn discusses the health benefits of colostrum.

Life's First Naturals' Colostrum is included in Tampa Bay's Morning Blend Health & Wellness Roundup

Lifestyle Influencer Megan Thomas Head speaks on nurturing your health from the inside out.

Colostrum is often thought of as a newborn’s first meal — but it isn’t just for babies

Colostrum has a number of benefits for young and old, from building an effective immune system, to providing important nutrients.

Amazing supplement battles respiratory infections, gut problems

Studies suggest taking a bovine colostrum supplement may decrease the incidence of upper respiratory infections and reduce inflammation.

Colostrum: A multi-faceted approach to optimal digestive health and overall wellbeing

Natural Products Insider has published a white paper on how colostrum from dairy cows can deliver human health benefits.

ABC News 4 features Life's First Naturals in its healthy essentials lineup

Mia Syn, RDN shares her recommendations for healthy summer essentials from colostrum to probiotics.

Life's First Naturals is featured on the Hamilton Review podcast

Dr. Lauren Crosby speaks with Dr. Bob Hamilton of current health issues that impact children and families and how to navigate and support wellness through the power of colostrum at the 21:30 mark.

Colostrum is recommended as a back-to-school healthy essential for children on 8 News Now

Registered Dietician, Mia Syn shares healthy meal ideas to fuel students and stay healthy this back-to-school season. Watch at the 2:05 mark to see Life's First Naturals' colostrum powder and capsules featured.

Harry Oken, M.D. Names Colostrum Among Supplements to Strengthen the Body this Flu Season

In a study published in the journal Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis, cow colostrum was found to prime the body’s immune system and support the effectiveness of the flu vaccine. Visit the article to learn of more immune-boosters that are beneficial year-round.

Dr. Roizen and Dr. Crosby Discuss Natural Immune Support for Children this Fall Season

Dr. Crosby backs colostrum as an abundant resource of immune support for children as they are back in school and faced with seasonal sickness. Listen for tips to keep the immune system healthy and for more on colostrum at the 11:40 mark.

VeryWell Health Covers the Benefits of Colostrum, Including Immune Health and Athletic Performance

If you've been curious about bovine colostrum and its functions for human health, Nutritionist Cathy Wong reports on colostrum's uses and benefits in this recent VeryWell Health article.

Motherly Features Life's First Naturals' Cow Colostrum as Solution to Help Keep Kids from Getting Sick

Motherly and Dr. Lauren Crosby shine a spotlight on a different way to support children's immune systems, and specifically upper respiratory tract infections - cow colostrum supplements.