Bovine Colostrum and its Health Benefits on the Human Microbiome

Watch now to learn about bovine colostrum and its benefits on human digestive and immune health and the entire human microbiome.


Nature's first food that provides benefits throughout life, comes from Mom. Her first milk is colostrum, a comprehensive nutrient-dense mixture of nutritional components that provide everything a newborn needs to grow and thrive in their first few days of life.

A mother's colostrum acts like an immunity shield, supporting her baby’s own immune defenses that help prevent disease and illness. It also helps to jumpstart her baby’s digestive health by promoting the right mix of good bacteria in the large intestine and strengthening the shield between the GI tract and the delicate internal systems of the baby’s body.

All mammals produce this valuable first superfood, including cows. Colostrum from cows has many of the same functional components as human colostrum, such as immune factors, growth factors, protective proteins, and prebiotics, meaning we can capture and deliver these powerful and comprehensive immune and digestive benefits to humans at all stages of life.

Before collecting colostrum from cows, it is important that the calf receives what it needs for its own immune health. The excess colostrum is ethically collected within the first 24 hours of calving. It’s natural, it’s produced by nature, and it’s collected responsibly.

Unlike other single ingredients, colostrum contains multiple components and offers a comprehensive, multi-functional approach to immune and digestive health.

The immune factors in colostrum help to support a balanced and healthy immune response. Colostrum also contains growth factors and prebiotics, which help support a healthy gut, where over 70% of the immune system resides.

The growth factors in colostrum help support the gut’s natural repair process and strengthen the protective barrier of the gut, which helps keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out.

The prebiotics found in colostrum promote growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, helping to create a balanced and healthy microbiome.

Colostrum also contains protective proteins, which help maintain peak immunity so your immunes system can recognize and ward off foreign invaders. These protective proteins enable our immune system to function to its fullest.

Colostrum is scientifically supported to maintain peak immunity, upper respiratory and digestive health, and its benefits can help strengthen and sustain optimal health and vitality through all stages of life.

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